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What is PEEK and Its Grade


What is Peek?

Polyether ether ketone (PEEK) is a colourless organic thermoplastic polymer in the polyaryletherketone (PAEK) family, used in engineering applications.

PEEK is a semicrystalline thermoplastic with excellent mechanical and chemical resistance properties that are retained to high temperatures. The processing conditions used to mold PEEK can influence the crystallinity, and hence the mechanical properties. The Young's modulus is 3.6 GPa and its tensile strength 90 to 100 MPa. PEEK has a glass transition temperature of around 143 °C (289 °F) and melts around 343 °C (662 °F). Some grades have a useful operating temperature of up to 250 °C (482 °F) . It is highly resistant to thermal degradation as well as attack by both organic and aqueous environments. It is attacked by halogens and strong acids as well as some halogenated compounds and aliphatic hydrocarbons at high temperatures. It dissolves completely in concentrated sulfuric acid at room temperature.

Because of its robustness, PEEK is used to fabricate items used in demanding applications, including bearings, piston parts, pumps, HPLC columns, compressor plate valves, and cable insulation. It is one of the few plastics compatible with ultra-high vacuum applications. It is extensively used in the aerospace, automotive, and chemical process industries.

At Ningbo Sunshine

We manufacture PEEK semi-finished products including rod, tube and sheet by compression moulding. In addition to this, we produce machine finished components for a range of industries including Aerospace, semi-conductor, Petrochem and Oil and Gas. We ensure the highest quality materials by mechanical property testing. All our materials are tested on site to International Standards so we can maintain a consistent quality product without impacting on lead times.

Peek Sheet Grade and Colors


PEEK-450G is a high performance, high temperature, semi crystalline thermoplastic material manufactured by us and may use Victrex® PEEK 450G or Solvay Ketaspire® KT-820 polymer. The color is light-brown.


Vesta-GF30 is a special 30% glass filled PEEK material. In comparison to unfilled PEEK, this glass fiber reinforced material exhibits increased mechanical strength and high rigidity. Furthermore, Vesta-GF30 Peek sheet has improved creep strength and dimensional stability are achieved by this glass filled PEEK. These properties make this material suitable for use in parts which are exposed to high static loads over long periods in high temperature conditions.


Vesta-CF30 is a special 30% carbon fiber filled PEEK material that is manufactured by us. Its carbon fiber reinforcement lends the material a high level of rigidity and creep strength. Carbon fiber reinforced PEEK demonstrates very high mechanical strength values, while exhibiting lower density than 30% glass fiber filled peek. Furthermore, carbon fiber composites tend to be less abrasive than glass fibers while simultaneously resulting in improved wear and friction properties. The color is black.

Beneficial Properties

• Superior resistance to gamma and X-rays
• Superior wear & friction resistance
• Superior Chemical resistance
• Good dimensional stability
• High mechanical strength
• High vacumn applications


• Food processing equipment
• Oil and Geothermal wells
• Nuclear environments
• Chemical industries
• High pressure valves
• High Vacuum plant

Natural PEEK Rod