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40% Bronze Filled PTFE Tube

40% Bronze Filled PTFE Tube

PTFE - Bronze Filled - This filler has better wear, creep resistance, and higher thermal conductivity than glass fiber with PTFE


What is 40% Bronze Filled PTFE Tube?

40% bronze filled PTFE tube is made of pure PTFE and 40% or 60% Bronze powder, with high load-bearing capacity compared to conventional PTFE. Addition of 40% bronze to PTFE increases hardness and compressive strength, provides better dimensional stability and lowers creep, cold flow and wear. It also increases thermal and electrical conductivity.

40% Bronze Filled PTFE Tube


40% bronze filled PTFE tube combines the excellent chemical resistance, low coefficient of friction, and extreme temperature range of virgin PTFE with a bronze filler providing additional strength and stiffness. This material is an excellent choice for high pressure seal components in Fluid Handling.

Resistant to

Hydraulic fluids, alkalis, aging and weathering, almost all acids and caustic solutions.


Bearing, piston rings (hydraulics), valve seats and plugs. It is also used for support slides of heavy loads subject to several shocks.

Features and Properties

• Outstanding dielectric properties
• Excellent impact resistance
• Low Coefficient of Friction
• Low Moisture Absorption
• Chemically inert
• FDA Compliant

Data Sheet of 40% Bronze Filled PTFE

Test Methods
Typical Value
Test Unit
Density ASTM D792
3.2 g/cm3
Hardness shore D ASTM D2240 65 Sh.D
Tensile strength
19 Mpa
Elongation at break 23°C ASTM D638
290 %
Coefficient of dynamic friction ASTM D1894 0.07 -
UL 94
V-0 -
Dielectric strength ASTM D149 - Kv/mm
Water absorption Max ASTM D570 0 %
Working temperature - -200 to 260 °C