NEMA G10 Epoxy Fiberglass Tube

NEMA G10 Epoxy Fiberglass Tube

EPGC 201 NEMA G10 Epoxy Fiberglass Tube


NEMA G10 Epoxy Fiberglass Tube

NEMA G10 epoxy fiberglass tube is made of alkali-free glass fabric and binded with epoxy resin, in heat rolling and tightening, baking and curing, with high mechanical property and stable electrical property in high humidity, suitable for being used as insulation structural parts of mechanical, electrical and electronic equipment. It has high working temperature index up to 130ºC.

NEMA G10 epoxy fiberglass tube has high mechanical and electrical properties. It has a good mating and punching properties. It conforms to EN60893/IEC893 Grade EPGC 201, DIN7735 Grade HGW2372, NEMA LI-1 Grade G10 and IS10192 Grade EP1.

NEMA G10 Epoxy Fiberglass Tube cHINA

Advantages and Benefits of NEMA G10 Epoxy Fiberglass Tube

NEMA G10 epoxy fiberglass tube has extremely high mechanical strength, good dielectric loss properties, and good electric strength properties, both wet and dry. NEMA G-10 is a non-brominated, non-flame retardant grade of glass epoxy laminate. NEMA G-10 from us Ningbo Sunshine is RoHs and REACH compliant to ensure reliability, safety and consistency.

What is the  Difference Between FR4 and G10?

The main difference between NEMA Grades G10 and FR4 is that FR4 is a fire retardant grade of G10. Therefore, FR4 can be safely substituted where G10 is called for, while G10 can never be substituted where FR4 is called for.


Diameter range: From 8 mm to 810 mm
Wall thickness : 0.5 mm, 0.8mm or more
Max length: 10m

G10 Tube Physical Properties

Testing Item Testing Method Testing Unit Testing Result
Density ASTM D792 g/cm3 1.8 - 2
Water Absorption, 24 hrs
ASTM D570 % 0.1
Tensile Strength
ASTM D638 psi 45000
Flexural Strength
ASTM D790 psi 75000
IZOD Notched Impact
ASTM D256 ft-lb/in
Compressive Strength
ASTM D695 psi 65000
Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion
ASTM D696 x10-5 in./in./°F
Max Operating Temp
- ºC
Hardness ASTM D785 Rockwell M M110